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Shelter Platform

What is a Shelter Platform?
A shelter platform allows to locate your process and product. It provides physical space, basic infrastructure, a knowledgeable organization and operational expertise. ITEK offers a flexible menu of services:

  • Distribution and kitting
  • Labor-only assembly
  • Automated processes
  • Co-location & Joint Venture

Why a Shelter Facility?

Working with a shelter solution helps you overcome the barriers of entry to setting up your own facility in a cost-effective way. No need to worry about legal incorporation, government and regulatory permits, construction and infrastructure, organizational burden. It results in a simplified startup, transfer and operational ramp process. We will help you manage the transfer and setup of your process, components and equipment, and the ramp up and distribution of your component or sub-assembly to other medical device companies within the free-trade zone or elsewhere.

​Why choose ITEK?

We are a Free Trade Zone Corporation, with and experienced and knowledgeable organization under one unified operating system:

  • ISO-13485 based Quality System using a paperless QMS with e-signature ensuring compliance and end-customer peace of mind
  • Modern ERP system for full inventory and production management with remote visibility of your “virtual” operation.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality & IP protection with complete isolation among customers

We offer a ​simple and profitable option for your company to be present in Costa Rica's fledging Life Sciences sector. Ultimately, this would allow our customers to create a presence in Costa Rica to respond and satisfy their end-customer requirements without the added cost and complexity of managing a daunting startup, transfer and operational ramp process.

Please contact us to begin this journey!